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Pick the Monument and There’s a Story

The Jefferson Memorial sits quietly above the Tidal Basin, famously surrounded by the Japanese cherry trees, beloved by all. But what a ruckus it caused in the 1930s when it was built. Modern architects were in a snit over the classical design; the designer’s widow was having the vapors over tinkerings with her husband’s blueprint; and a group of ladies in Persian lamb coats were threatening to chain themselves to the cherry trees that were being uprooted to break ground.

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A Maestro of Flame. A Symphony of Color
Specialty Woods are a Luxury to Burn

OK, so you’ve taken Firewood 101. You understand when a cord’s a cord, and your ear is tuned to the hollow thwack that knows the difference between wood that’s merely dead and a log so sincerely dead that it is guaranteed to roar.

For the true firewood connoisseur, this is just the beginning. Paul Wilczek is a maestro of flame, a man who can turn your basic hardwood blaze into a symphony of scent and color.

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From Casablanca to the Jetsons
Ceiling Fans are Flying High

What’s with the proliferation of ceiling fans when most of us are basking in central air conditioning from the Ides of March to the first frosty breezes of Fall?

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Dynamic & Sophisticated
Moods and Lifestyles Kick in When it Comes to Color Selections

It’s no accident that suddenly each season certain collections of colors run riot through the stores and that your KitchenAid mixer matches your Nikes.

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Great Escapes
Retreat to Luxury at Country, Mountain, and Historic Inns
Play landed gentry for a week or weekend at The Goodstone Inn & Estate, an idyllic 265-acre estate in the middle of Virginia horse country.

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About Face
Try Oxygen Facials and Other Great Treatments

Spring is here but you wouldn’t know it by the looks of our complexions. Months of brash winter wind, dry heat and a few too many Irish coffees have taken their toll. So, naturally, when we heard tales of oxygen facials and their amazing powers of renewal, we were primed to be blown away.

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Wine and Dine Under the Stars
Pamper Yourself and Your Sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and that may have been enough then. But this is now. So bring on the duvets, hot rock massages and whirlpools this Valentine’s Day. These weekend specials will leave you gasping, spaaaaa.

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