Flower Power in Philadelphia!

for mylittlebird.com

Washington continues its march toward the most floriferous spring in memory, with
cherry trees, daffodils, and tulips beginning to bloom, and mock orange, hydrangeas, and
roses leafing out months ahead of schedule.

Usually this unnatural combination of flowers is only visible at the Philadelphia Flower
Show, where city-sized plots manicured by top designers brim with fantasy: Full grown
trees, waterfalls, and ponds, and plants that never bloom together are nurtured to peak in
time for a floral extravaganza.

Each year has a theme. This time it’s Amsterdam, and a “controlled chaos” of flowers,
according to the press release. Wander under a bridge inspired by the Dutch canals and
 decorated with Delft tile, brim-full flower boxes, and hanging baskets, and enter
the centerpiece of the show, a floral canopy of more than 6,000 cut and dried flowers
hovering above thousands of tulips, fritillaria, narcissus, and anemones.