From Pool Houses to Pied-à-terres

Cooking up a Kitchen in Miniature

From the Wall St. Journal's OWN magazine

In an age of McMansions, where kitchens the size of houses leap over granite counters to gobble up great rooms (no wonder we're pudgy,) small kitchens are enjoying a renaissance.  And we mean small.
Frequently used as accessory kitchens in basements, master bedrooms and guest quarters, petite facilities that feature minimal cooking and cooling capabilities are also enjoying a vogue in small apartments, where such needs are minimal and entertaining space is at a premium. 
What's out there will suit anyone's style from fanciful to fantastic.
Chris Madden's Beekman Place Pied-a-Terre
"You don't need to have a monster kitchen," says Chris Madden. "I once spent five days cooking in the galley kitchen of a boat, sailing from Bermuda to Montauk."